Re-Conditioned Gearboxes

Re-Conditioned Gearboxes


Fully fitted and tested gearboxes


Discover how you could save money with our fully tested and fitted reconditioned gearboxes. With our expert mechanics professionally

re-building gearboxes, you can have the highest quality at more than affordable prices. Give us a call for more details about our re-builders in Berkshire and Hampshire.


Cost-effective reconditioned gearboxes


• Skilled mechanics for expert reconditioning

• Improved gearboxes

• Competitive prices

• Largest re-builders in Berkshire and Hampshire

• New gearboxes

• Diagnostics tests

• Auto gearbox oil flush system

• Contact us to find out more


Auto Gearbox Oil Flush


Discover the benefits for your gearbox with our auto gearbox oil flush system, which maximises the life of your transmission and minimises the chances of unexpected failure. Click here for more details.


As well as our reconditioned gearboxes, we also providenew gearboxes. Take a look at our auto gearbox oil flush system to see how you could enhance your gearbox.

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